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Neuropathy of the feet is very common among diabetics however it is not a diabetes-only problem. If you have neuropathy in the feet then you need to protect your feet as best as you can and that starts with buying a good pair of shoes.

This site is all about bringing the best shoes for neuropathy in front of those who are looking for answers – that means you.

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If you are simply looking for information on what neuropathy in the feet is all about or want more information on how you can treat foot neuropathy then take a look at the guides linked in the navigational bar above.

Shoes For Neuropathy Of The Foot

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It’s also worth noting that neuropathy shoes are often the same shoes many diabetics wear. Diabetes is not a prerequisite for having foot neuropathy so if you find a pair of therapeutic or diabetic shoes that you like they will probably protect your feet about as good as any other shoe you might consider buying.

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